Press Release – Fire Update

Significant progress was made over the past two weeks toward opening Main Street between Seymour and Taylor. Federal, State, County and City officials have agreed on a two-phase approach with the owner to demolish the overhead conveyor between the Tissue Depot plant and its warehouse across the street.
The City is hopeful that citizens will see mobilization of demolition equipment as soon as next week to begin the process. Staging of heavy equipment will more than likely be on Seymour Street which will remain closed. Consumer’s Power will reroute electrical service and will contact any affected customers in the area.
Once the conveyor is lowered and removed, the walls to both buildings adjacent to Main Street will be evaluated for stability. The evaluation, in concert with MDOT, will determine when Main Street will once again be opened.
The City continues to thank all the residents for their patience and consideration during this time. Downtown businesses are still open and waiting for your patronage!

Posted on October 12th, 2023 in Announcements.