The EPA has finished cleaning a majority of the catch basins surrounding the severely damaged Tissue Plant warehouse.  With the completion of this task, the City has reopened Taylor Street to non-commercial traffic. This will allow residents and visitors another avenue to traverse the city and access businesses adjacent to the fire site.

The City wants to thank the Main Street/DDA for adding “Downtown is Open for Business – Parking Available on Main Street” signs throughout the community. In addition, the City encourages the community to visit our local businesses throughout this ordeal to show your support and to assist them by your patronage.

For more detailed information on the fire, please go to the City’s website and listen to Fire Chief Daily’s presentation and the question/answer session afterwards. To avoid listening to what is a long Council meeting, you can fast forward to 5.25 minutes into the recording.

Posted on September 27th, 2023 in Announcements.