Sanitary Sewer CCTV Inspections

April 2022– August 2022

Why Are We Doing This?

The City of Cheboygan is conducting a sanitary sewer inspection program on the City’s sanitary sewer system. This is required in order to determine if the City is contributing excess flows to the sanitary sewers. These excess flows could be storm (rain) water entering the sanitary sewers through cracks in sanitary pipes, manholes or through sanitary/storm sewer cross connections. This excess flow is then unnecessarily sent through the sanitary sewers to the Cheboygan wastewater treatment plant where it is treated as if it were sanitary flow.

What is CCTV Inspection?

These inspections involve sending a camera through the sanitary sewers to locate deficiencies in the system. Often, in order to get the camera through the sewer, it must be cleaned first. This cleaning process involves sending a specialized, hydraulically-propelled nozzle that pumps water into the sewer at a high velocity. The water should not enter your home or business. You may hear or see back pressure of air in your toilets and/or drains. This is not unusual. This is a result of material in the sewer main passing by your building’s service line, which is connected to the City sewer. The Contractor will take precautions to avoid any issues, but should water enter your home or business, please call one of the numbers listed below (preferably the HRC Field Representative).

Who is Performing the Inspections?

The sanitary sewer inspection project was authorized by the City and will be conducted by the City’s hired contractor, Rogue Industrial Services, LLC (Rogue). The City’s consulting engineering firm, Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc. (HRC) will oversee the project. Crews will be in marked vehicles and have identification. Crews may need to enter onto private property to record observations. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Where Will The CCTV Inspections Take Place?

Sanitary sewer inspections will occur across the entire City.

What Should Residents Do?

Homeowners or business owners do not need to be present during the inspections, which will be conducted during normal business hours. A door hanger notice will be distributed 24- to 48-hours prior to sewer cleaning where sewer cleaning is necessary. Should you receive a door hanger notices, please CLOSE YOUR TOILET COVERS AND POUR WATER DOWN SELDOM USED DRAINS, especially floor drains in your home or business. This should prevent
water from splashing or sewer gas from entering your home/building. As of result of using hydrants in areas with old water mains, natural mineral buildup may be disturbed, resulting in the water having a slight “rust color” for an hour or two. This does not in any way contaminate the water. Allowing your
water to settle for one or two hours with minimal use and then running the COLD WATER ONLY for one or two minutes will clear any discoloration.

Who do I Contact for More Information and/or a Problem?

If there is an immediate problem or concern, contact:

Andrew Johnstone, P.E.
HRC Field Representative
(248) 535-3367

If you have additional concerns or comments, you can contact the following people:

Jennifer Morreale, P.E., CFM
HRC Project Manager
(248) 535-3320

Jason Karmol
City of Cheboygan
Director of Public Works
(231) 627-2582

Posted on April 4th, 2022 in Announcements.