Department of Public Works

Jason L. Karmol, DPW Director
1001 N. Huron Street, PO Box 39
Cheboygan, Michigan 49721
Ph: (231) 627-2582

Michael Fein, Crewleader (Street Department)

The Street Department is responsible for the snow removal and routine maintenance of all City streets, alleys, and designated sidewalk snow removal. Also included are sign maintenance, tree removal and maintenance, street sweeping and storm sewer maintenance. The department also mows along our street rights-of-way and provides residents with a spring and fall clean up of yard debris.

The Street Department is staffed by a director, one mechanic, and four maintenance operators who perform all duties related to Street Department work.

Water & Wastewater

Information regarding the City’s water can be found on the Water & Wastewater Departments page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the City right-of-way?

The City right-of-way is usually rights acquired by government held in trust for a public purpose. In most cases this public purpose is primarily roadways but also include rights to provide utilities, drainage, etc. Right-of-way widths vary but normally are 66 feet wide.

Do I need a permit to do work in the City right-of-way?

Yes, anyone planning to perform any type of work within a City street right-of-way must secure a permit from the City of Cheboygan’s Street Department. Work requiring a permit within a street right-of-way includes patch work, culvert installation, curb, sidewalk or driveway repair, tree or shrub planting or any other type of work within the street right-of-way. Please contact Jason L. Karmol. DPW Director at (231) 627-2582 should you plan work in the street right-of-way or have questions concerning street rights-of-way.

Do I need a permit to plant a tree in the City and can I plant any kind of tree I want?

The City has a Ordinance that regulates tree planting, which states that “No person, except an authorized city employee, shall plant, remove or destroy any ornamental shade tree or shrub in any public way; or plant any poplar, box elder, basswood, cotton wood, willow, soft maple, common catapula, horse chestnut, or “ailanthus glandulosa” tree anywhere within the city, without first procuring a permit from the Street Department.

Does the City have a place to dispose of my Christmas tree after the holidays?

No, you will have to store it out of the City right-of-way until spring clean-up. The City does not have a Christmas tree recycling program.

Am I required by ordinance to keep my sidewalk clean during the winter months?

The owners of any property in certain areas are required by city ordinance to keep sidewalks clear of snow and ice. The areas which are included in the snow and ice removal ordinance are listed as follows:

  • Huron Street from Mackinaw Avenue to Locust Street
  • Main Street from First Street to the South City Limits
  • Water Street from State Street to Elm Street
  • Mackinaw Avenue from Clinton Street to Main Street
  • State Street from Huron Street to “F” Street
  • Backus Street from Huron Street to Main Street
  • Division Street from Dresser Street to Water Street
  • Elm Street from Huron Street to Water Street
  • Pine Street from Huron Street to Main Street
  • Locust Street from Huron Street to Main Street
  • South “F” Street from State Street to East Side School (West Side of Street)

These sidewalks have been identified as high foot traffic areas and, as such, removal of snow and ice is required by ordinance in order to insure public safety and limit property owner and public liability. The City of Cheboygan does provide snow removal services within this area, but this does not dismiss the requirement of the property owner to be sure that the sidewalk is clear in the event that the City is unable to keep the sidewalks clear in a timely manner. The snow and ice removal ordinance provides for fines in the event the property owner is in non-compliance and also provides for exceptions to these provisions with regards to property which is leased. Do not pile snow in the right-of-way, on sidewalks, or in berm area between curb and sidewalk.

For more information regarding the snow and ice removal ordinance, you may call the Department of Public Safety at (231) 627-4321 or stop at City Hall to obtain a copy of the ordinance.